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Recently Posted:
Bottles: 2001 - now2013 West Ashley Sante Adairius Sour$120.00
Bottles: 2001 - nowSante Adairius West Ashley$110.00
Bottles: 2001 - nowDrie Fonteinen 3Fonteinen Armand 4 Seasons full set (Lente, Zomer, Herfst, Winter) *IN-PERSON CASH DISCOUNT$570.00
Bottles: 2001 - now3 bottles Cantillon, LAST TIME REDUCED$180.00
Bottles: 2001 - nowCantillon lambic bundle: Classic Gueuze (750ml) 17 Mar 2010; Lou Pepe Gueuze 2008 sticker; Mamouche 2010 (750ml, first batch) *IN-PERSON CASH DISCOUNT$230.00
Bottles: 2001 - nowThe Bruery - 2014 Mocha Wednesday & 2014 Chocolate Rain$150.00
Bottles: 2001 - now[REDUCED] Two bottles, Bruery / Cigar City Marron Acidifie (750ml x 2)$85.00
Bottles: 2001 - nowHF Bundle: Flo, Anna, Edith, Nordic$150.00
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Recently Sold:
Bottles: 2001 - nowThe Bruery (Vitis Series) Oui Oui and Pinotlambicus$83.00
Bottles: 2001 - nowFirestone Walker Anniversary Set 12, 13, 14$140.00
Bottles: 2001 - nowSouthampton Black Raspberry Lambic (plus bonus bottle of 15th Anniv)$420.00
Bottles: 2001 - now3x Cantillion Classic Belgian Flag 750's$99.99
Bottles: 2001 - nowStille Nacht Riserva 2010 SNR10$80.00
Bottles: 2001 - nowThe Bruery Sans Pagaie$29.99
Bottles: 2001 - nowLAST TWO [PRICED for QUICK SALE] (Lot of 2) 2007 Backwoods Bastard Ale aged in oak bourbon barrels (Founders Brewing Co)$30.00
Bottles: 2001 - nowSierra Nevada Bigfoot vertical 2007-2013$40.00
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