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Deschutes/Hair of the Dog No.1 - CollageYes2016-05-01$25.00
Conflux No. 1 - Collage is the second release in the Deschutes Conflux Series. These beers were brewed in March of 2010. One hundred percent of these beers spent two years aging in a variety of oak barrels: Rye Whiskey, Cognac, Sherry, Pinot Noir, Bourbon, used American Oak, new American Oak and new Oregon Oak. Cellar aged since purchase. Shipped via Fedex to lower 48 states.
Cascade Brewing Bourbonic Plague 2011Yes2016-05-01$60.00
One unopened bottle of 2011 Bourbonic Plague from Cascade. Bottle is 750 mL. It has been kept in a cellar since purchase. Rated a near perfect 99% at!!! This NW style sour ale is a spiced double porter that was aged 24 months in Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels with spices and dark fruit. Complex aromas of dark malts and spices combine with sweet vanillin and notes of Bourbon. Tart, rich Bourbon, vanillin and dark fruits with notes of dates, oak, leather and tobacco and hints of milk chocolate dance on the palate. Tart dark fruits and a warming Bourbon and chocolate flavor finish this off. Shipping by FedEx to lower 48 states only. Will ship multiple items for additional $2 per item.
Russian River Shadow of a Doubt Yes2016-05-01$32.00
One unopened bottle of 2014 Shadow of a Doubt. This is an imperial porter from Russian River Brewing. Bottle is 500 mL. This beer has only been bottled on two occasions and is super rare outside the brewery. It has been kept in a cellar since purchase. Shipping by FedEx to lower 48 states only. Will ship multiple items for additional $2 per item.
Firestone Walker Velvet Merkin 2013Yes2016-05-01$34.00
One unopened bottle of Firestone Walker Velvet Merkin oatmeal stout. This is the original release. "Velvet merkin" refers to what the brewery staff call the head brewer's beard and they originally called their normal stout the "velvet merkin" at the brewery but changed to "velvet Merlin" for distribution. Bottle is 22 ounces. Kept in a cellar since purchase. Shipping by FedEx to lower 48 states only. Will ship multiple items for additional $2 per item. Contact me with any questions.
Cantillon Fou Foune, Vanilla Rye, Life is Like...Yes2016-05-01$500.00
I have for sale 3 unopened bottles. You'll get Cantillon Fou Foune 2014, Goose Island Bourbon County Vanilla Rye 2014, and Cigar City Life is Like... If you've heard of these beers, then you know how great they are. It hurts to get rid of them but it's something I must do and it gives you an opportunity to acquire them. Pictures available upon request through email. Please also message me first, do not buy though the site. I will send you a PayPal invoice.
Goose Island Nutulhu + Bourbon County Cherry Rye + Vanilla Rye + 2014 Proprietors + BCBS - REDUCED PRICEYes2016-05-01$999.00
The ultimate stout tasting. Five bottles total: one bottle of Goose Island Nutulhu - imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels with toasted hazelnuts and vanilla beans. Only 400 bottles produced, Chicago Clybourn brewery release only. Also Bourbon County Cherry Rye, Vanilla Rye, 2014 Proprietor's and a regular 2014 Bourbon County Brand Stout. These have all been properly cellared. Lower 48 only please. Paypal only.
Cherry Rye + Backyard RyeYes2016-05-01$295.00
For sale is one (1) bottle of 2012 Goose Island Bourbon County Cherry Rye and one (1) bottle of 2013 Goose Island Bourbon County Backyard Rye, unopened and stored in my cellar since purchased in Chicago. Buyer pays by PayPal with Fedex shipping only to contiguous U.S only.
Dogfish Pecant, WW Stout, Raison D' ExtraYes2016-05-01$50.00
DFH lot. 750ml Wrath of Pecant (Beer Advocate) 12oz 07 World Wide Stout 12oz 07(?) Raison De Extra I'm a little unsure of the date on the DeExtra as I dont see a date on the bottle. The date on the WW Stout is still visible.
2015 Hardywood FooleryYes2016-05-01$110.00
One bottle of 2015 Hardywood Foolery. 500 bottles, 1pp at release. Please DO NOT USE any payment links generated by MyBeercellar. You'll have to log in to your Paypal account manually and send money from there using the correct amount (including shipping). Shipping is via Fedex Ground to 48 lower states only.
2004 Rodenbach Vin de Cereale Yes2016-05-01$55.00
2004 Rodenbach Vin de Cereale
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