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50N-4E b2Just listed:
50N-4E b2 $350.00
Welcome to MyBeerCellar! This is the premiere portal for the selling and buying of collectible beer bottles, cans, signs and other memorabilia. Feel free to browse all of the listings including Pre-Prohibition and hard-to-find still sealed modern examples of collectible beer bottles. If you're interested in selling part (or all) of your collection then Register or Login to purchase seller credits.   Updated terms for listings July 25 2017
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Bottles: 2001 - Newer50N-4E b2$350.00
Bottles: 2001 - NewerGoose Island Vanilla Rye and Bonus '14 BCBS$189.00
Bottles: 2001 - NewerDuck Duck Gooze 2013 & 2016$210.00
Bottles: 2001 - NewerHF M&C 7,8 & 9$185.00
Bottles: 2001 - NewerWestbrook + others huge list$2500.00
Bottles: 2001 - NewerSide Project Fuzzy B1 and B2 $300.00
Bottles: 2001 - NewerThe Bruery 6 Bottle Anniversary/12 Days Lot- 2 Turtle Doves$200.00
Bottles: 2001 - NewerLou Pepe Kriek 2011 and Lou Pepe Framboise 2011 (Cantillon)$395.00
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New School Beer- Dedicated To Craft Beer, Cider and Mead
Impeach Trump - - MPeach TRump!

Bottles: 2001 - Newer

21st Century beers: Collectable beer bottles from the 21st Century

Bottles: 1934 - 2000

Post-prohibition: Collectable beer bottles dating from after The Noble Experiment.

Bottles: 1920 - 1933

Prohibition: Collectable bottles from the unfortunate time of US Prohibition.

Bottles: 1865 - 1919

Post American Civil War: Collectable beer bottles dating after the Civil War.

Bottles: 1851 - 1864

Collectable beer bottles from the "Iron Pontil" period.

Bottles: 1600 - 1850

Collectable beer bottles from the "Open Pontil" period.

Mini Bottles

Collectable mini-Beer bottles


Collectable beer cans.


Beer signs, lights, and mirrors and trays.


Church keys, can openers, bottle openers.


Beer Steins, Drinking Glasses.


Tap Handles, ashtrays, books, magazines, coasters, crowns, apparel, and everything else.

Recently Sold:
Bottles: 2001 - Newer08-12 Vertical of Surly Darkness$215.00
Bottles: 2001 - NewerJester King // 6 fruited sours 2014-2016$300.00
Bottles: 2001 - NewerThe Bruery - Partridge in a Pear Tree$220.00
Bottles: 2001 - NewerDogfish Head Savor Flowers$50.00
Bottles: 2001 - NewerOud Beersel Bzart Oude Kriek Millesime 2008, bottle 72/200$54.99
Bottles: 2001 - Newer2017 Bruery Three Floyds Rue d' Floyd$15.00
Bottles: 2001 - Newer2011 Goose Island Demolition$15.00
Bottles: 2001 - NewerLost Abbey Veritas 010 SOUR ALE WITH PEACHES RARE$150.00
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