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1998 Cantillon Lou Pepe Kriek Just listed:
1998 Cantillon Lou Pepe Kriek  $550.00
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2012 Cantillon St. Lamvinus 75clYes2019-09-17$210.00
List: 2012 Cantillon St Lamvinus Size: 75cl Ship to: lower 48, excluding MN, no PO boxes Payment: Paypal Collectible "unopened" bottle, was purchased and cellared by me, since 2012, on a lambic rack in a temp controlled beer/wine cellar at 55° F. I will wrap and package with extreme care for shipping. 
2016 Mikkeller BA Vanilla ShakeYes2019-09-17$50.00
ONE, unopened, sealed bottle of 2016 Mikkeller BA Vanilla Shake, $50. It have been kept at 50-60 degrees and away from light in a wine cellar since purchase. The shipping is a flat $10 to lower US 48 states. I accept PayPal.
Goose Island Bourbon County Backyard RyeYes2019-09-17$165.00
As Pictured, shipping is free via fedex ground! I purchased these bottles when they were released. I store all my bottles in a temperature controlled commercial fridge at 55 degrees. Shipping will be via FedEx Ground. I will combine shipping on multiple items. Thanks for looking!
2016 Toppling Goliath KBBS and AssassinYes2019-09-16$1050.00
2016 Kentucky Brunch KBBS (Silver Wax) 2016 Assassin (Purple Wax). Original owner. Picked up and properly stored on the same day.
Cantillon Lou Pepe GueuzeYes2019-09-16$1000.00
SIX bottles: 3-2010 750ml and 3-2011 750ml. buyer pays shipping. Conus and paypal only please.
Rodenbach Vin de Cereale 2004Yes2019-09-15$140.00
Another HUGE Whale. This beer was developed when a specific vat of Rodenbach (#132) was discovered to have an extreme level of wild yeasts not seen in other vats so things were done to increase the alcohol in this vat hoping to stave off the rogue bugs. When it was unsuccessful they considered dumping the entire vat. They talked with other beer experts in the area and after tasting the beer, it was decided to bottle the beer as a one-time special bottling. The beer turned out to be almost twice the 'normal' ABV of any Rodenbach 10% ABV. Any beer collector knows the rarity of this one time release and anyone who has tasted this beer knows how absolutely amazing it is. Zero carbonation but one of the most complex beers I have ever had. Once again...was never meant to be sold...but if you check my Cuvee de Tomme will understand why I must part with some of my favorite bottles.
Rodenbach 2012 Vintage Oak Aged Single Barrel Signed by brewerYes2019-09-15$100.00
Super rare bottle of 2012 Vintage Rodenbach - not blended...single beer from Vat # 170 and signed by Rudi Ghequire, Rodenbach's Master Brewer. This is a 750Ml corked and caged bottle that has been cellar aged since acquiring the bottle.
Cuvee de Tomme Original Bottling 2005Yes2019-09-15$500.00
This is one of my pride and joys in my collection. I would have never ever considered selling ANY of my collection, but our family has had 3 deaths this year including our 34 year old son. We incurred a large amount of expenses and I need to sell of a small percentage of my collection to recoup some of the expenses. I bought this bottle new, when it was released, as a lover of all Pizza Port beers and then Lost Abbey beers. I have known Tomme since the early days of Pizza Port Solana Beach, and I also know that Tomme doesn't like people to resell his beers. I have always respected this but what has happened to our family this year forces me to ask forgiveness from Tomme as I try to pay down our expenses.I bought 6 bottles originally; and this is the last one. I was saving for a Vintage Tasting this December but that is not to happen. I do have a picture of the label stating that this was a blend of barrel aged beers from 2003 & 2004 and blended with the help of 'our friends at Russian River Brewing.' This is probably one of the rarest existing bottles of collectible beer.
Stone Vertical Epic 6 bottle collectionYes2019-09-15$350.00
A 6 bottle collection of Stone Vertical Epic bottles. I sold a 10 bottle set on EBay before they changed the 'rules' in 2011 for $900. I sold 2 bottles of 03 several years ago for $200 and $295. This set includes 03,06,07,08,09,10. All bottles sealed and stored in a climate controlled environment.
Wicked Weed Series - 4 Vintage BottlesYes2019-09-15$200.00
This is a 4 bottle collection of rare Wicked Weed bottles - pre-ab buyout. The set include Genesis, Oblivion and Bretticent all from 2014 and a bottle of Black angel from 2013. These are all first year bottlings and all are 500Ml bottles. This is a fantastic tasting for the original Wicked Weed lover.