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Cantillon Brabantiae 1991Just listed:
Cantillon Brabantiae 1991 $850.00
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Cantillon Nath Set: 2018/19/20/21Yes2022-06-24$250.00
Properly cellared by original owner - shipping from Texas, so no international shipping risk
4-pack 2008, 2009, OR 2010 BCS Bourbon County StoutNo2022-06-15$135.00
Empty bottle. Up for sale is a single 4-pack of Goose Island Bourbon County Stout. I purchased these myself during the original releases. They been in my beer cellar ever since. Price is for 4 bottles (and a holder if you pick a specific year). You can choose ONE 4-pack of either 2008, 2009, or 2010 (or mix and match if you choose). Multiples available. Thanks!
Utopias 2003 OpportunityYes2022-05-30$625.00
Sam Adams Utopias MMII #04481, 2003, Unopened Sealed 750 ML copper finished brew kettle decanter handcrafted by Ceremarte. I am the original purchaser. The decanter is in the original box with tag. Properly cellared; light and climate controlled since purchase. A limited run of 8,000 Utopias decanters in 2003. See if you also agree that this rare offering is the ultimate beer experience. It is an example of extreme barrel aging that starts with a special blend of Carmel; Vienna; Moravian and Bavarian smoked malts. It uses all four types of Noble hops and a variety of yeasts including the same yeast used in champagne. It is a blend of batches some aged up to 24 years in a variety of Scotch; Cognac and Port casks. It has a distinct Maple “nose” due to the addition of Vermont Maple Syrup to the brewing process. All making for a wonderfully unique beer experience incorporating a deep, rich, elegant malty smoothness with notes of toffee, caramel, raisins, dried plum and berries, reminiscent of a vintage Port, fine Cognac or old Sherry, but far smoother, with an astounding 25% alcohol content by volume (50 proof). Utopias is not carbonated and will lose no appeal after opening. It will never become stale. A truly celebratory experience to be contact me at I offer free shipping within the continental United States and will ship within a day or two after receiving payment through Pay Pal and will email you the shipping confirmation. Ask about additional bottle availability if interested.
Cantillon set - Lamvinus 19 + Vigneronne 19Yes2022-05-21$140.00
Properly cellared by original owner - shipping from Texas, so no international shipping risk
21 and 22 Toppling Goliath AssassinYes2022-05-18$399.00
1 bottle 2021 Toppling Goliath Assassin 1 bottle 2022 Toppling Goliath Assassin Both properly cellared since purchased from brewery.
2022 Toppling Goliath AssassinYes2022-05-18$225.00
1 bottle 2022 Toppling Goliath Assassin. Properly cellared since purchased.
Modern Times MONSTER TONES 2021Yes2022-05-15$262.00
For sale is one 22oz bottle of Modern Times MONSTER TONES 2021. Theory only release. You know the deal here, not many of these in the wild. Check my other items for more rare Modern Times Theory-exclusives! Will give a shipping discount if you purchase multiple listings. "Decadence, thy name is Monster Tones. This outlandishly delicious beer is a blend of Monsters’ Park and Modem Tones, both aged in bourbon barrels that had previously housed maple syrup. Following the blend, the beer was conditioned on freshly-roasted coffee beans, toasted coconut, and a whole lot of vanilla. When it was all over, what arose was a dessert-laden beverage of the highest order, with flavors and aromas of tiramisu, coffee, chocolate, and roasted marshmallows. We’re pretty excited for you to get some of this in your face." ABV: 13.5% Format: 22oz Bottle
Monsters Park Double BA (Bourbon & Spanish Brandy)Yes2022-05-06$100.00
For sale is one 22oz bottle of Modern Times MONSTERS' PARK DOUBLE BARREL AGED IN BOURBON & SPANISH BRANDY BARRELS. Theory only release. Killer non-adjunct DBA stout. Check my other items for more rare Modern Times Theory-exclusives! DOUBLE-BARREL MONSTERS' PARK (BOURBON & SPANISH BRANDY BARRELS) "Crafted with the most Leisurely of people in mind, this barrel-aged stunner might just be our most elegant offering to date. After a 7-and-a-half month rest in bourbon barrels, we racked the resulting beverage into the finest Spanish Brandy barrels that money can buy. There it soaked up complex notes of oak, coconut, marshmallow, and dried fruit over the course of its 6-month stay. This decadent spectacle of barrel-magic is every bit delightful as it sounds, and it's only available to members of The Theory of Leisure Committee. Do with that power what you must." ABV: 14.6% Format: 22oz Bottle
Modern Times Coco Smores 2020Yes2022-05-04$200.00
For sale is one 22oz bottle of Modern Times MONSTERS' PARK: COCONUT S'MORES EDITION 2020. Will list a 2021 as soon as it is eligible. MONSTERS' PARK: COCONUT S'MORES EDITION To summon forth this delicious beast, we blended of 4 batches of Monsters’ Park aged between 7 and 18 months in bourbon barrels before infusing the blessed mixture with seriously absurd amounts of Madagascar vanilla, Dominican cacao nibs, hand-toasted coconut flakes, vegan marshmallows, and Graham cracker crumbs. It does its namesake incredibly proud. ABV: 14.4% Format: 22oz Bottle
Modern Times Ultra Set 2020Yes2022-05-04$370.00
4 bottle set. Three 22oz beers: MT Ultra Coconut; MT Ultra Vanilla; MT Ultra Coffee. Plus a 375ml bottle of BA maple syrup. Rare, highly coveted box set. Try them all on their own, then make your cuvée! And stay tuned, I will be listing the '21 set as soon as it hits its one year maturity. Also the Modem Tones Single Barrel set... You are buying the 2020 MT Ultra Boxed Set: MT ULTRA BOXED SET The beers in this set have a base consisting of 50% Modem Tones, 20% Beastmaster, 20% Dragon Mask, and 10% Suggestion of Mass, all of which were aged in bourbon barrels. Included in every set are the following 4 bottles: MT ULTRA: COCONUT EDITION This beer was dosed with an absolutely staggering 67 pounds per barrel of coconut (roughly 2.16 pounds per gallon), the majority of which was toasted in-house, with a smaller quantity of raw coconut in the mix as well. You've never tasted or smelled a coconut beer like this before, guaranteed. It is decadent beyond words, rich as the uncle you wish you had, and fragrant like the musk of a tropical god. It's the most obscenely delicious coconut beer we can possibly imagine. ABV: 13.5% Format: 22oz Bottle MT ULTRA: VANILLA EDITION Loaded with a cornucopia of vanilla from all over the world at the astounding rate of 2.24 pounds per barrel, this is the most vanilla laden beer we’ve ever created--and the most expensive. In order to capture the Full Spectrum Vanilla Experience, we utilized beans from Madagascar, Uganda, Mexico, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Tahiti. The result is an astoundingly complex beer that introduces you to aspects of the vanilla bean you didn't even know existed. This beer is like tasting a marshmallow in 12 dimensions, coated in chocolate harvested by mermaids. ABV: 13.5% Format: 22oz Bottle MT ULTRA: COFFEE EDITION We wanted this beer to showcase everything that is possible with beer and coffee. So we loaded it with 5 pounds per barrel of our house-roasted ULTRA Blend made just for this beer via our usual