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24 bottles 1946 Ballantine Burton AleYes2018-03-13$2400.00
24 bottles (one complete case) Ballantine Burton Ale unopened. Known as the “Holy Grail” of American beer; Brewed 1946, Bottled 1960. Shipped directly from the Ballantine Brewery in the original holiday case container, excellent condition. Considered the largest collection known to exist on the planet, don’t just own a piece of history, control it. Will consider legit offers. Shipment via Fed Ex to the lower 48 states, must contact for other destinations, email for additional info and/or offers
1946 Ballantine Burton Ale (Reduced Price Limited Time)Yes2018-02-28$75.00
Moving sale priced to sell approx. 4 bottles remaining of the 1946/1964 Anthony LaBarba collection. This offer is per bottle priced at $75.00 ea. + shipping. Never gonna find a better price for this "The Holy Grail" of American beer. Either they sell or we will enjoy them ourselves. Purchase as many as you like, shipped via Fed Ex flat rate $20.00 for one bottle we can combined shipping for more than one, ship to lower 48 U.S. States.
Fullers -Reg Drury commemorative ale - Very Very RareYes2018-01-18$199.00
Fullers -Reg Drury commemorative ale - Very Very Rare

Extremely rare Reg Drury commemorative ale for his retirement. A true Collectors item. Fullers produced this commemorative ale when Reg was retiring. It was an extremely limited run and very rare. Please read the collected info below if you do not know who Reg was and what he meant to the brewing world.

May he rest in Pease.

Reg Drury, who has died aged 76, was a passionate supporter of cask beer. His painstaking work as head brewer at Fuller’s in Chiswick, West London, from the 1970s ensured that it was rare to be served a poor pint of the brewery’s beer.

Reg was a great leader of Fuller’s brewing and operations team for 40 years and retired from his position as Brewing Director in 1999.

It’s a truism in the world of brewing and pubs that one glass of cask beer that’s sour and cloudy will put drinkers off for life and lead them into the cold embrace of Eurofizz. Reg was aware of the problem when he arrived at Fuller’s in the late 1950s. He’d trained at the acclaimed school of brewing at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. He knew not only how to brew beer of all types and styles but was skilled also in maintaining the consistency and quality of the end product. .

It was difficult to achieve consistency at Fuller’s at the time. Brewing had been going on at the site for some 350 years, with the partnership of Fuller, Smith & Turner dating from 1845. Cask beer was produced in open square fermenters, some of which were more than 100 years old and leaked. Finding a clear and tasty pint of Fuller’s cask ale in a pub was something of a gamble. .

This was the dread age of such national keg beers as Watneys Red, Double Diamond and Worthington E. The directors of Fuller’s toyed with the idea of going over entirely to keg and lager production, and in 1976 installed modern, enclosed conical fermenters to make these types of beer. .

It was widely believed in the industry at the time that cask beer couldn’t be brewed in conicals because top-fermenting ale yeast would mutate into bottom-fermenting lager yeast, settling at the base of the vessels. Reg Drury was determined to save Fuller’s cask beers. Along with Charles Wells in Bedford, which had also installed conicals, Reg analysed the new vessels and came to the conclusion that if you adjusted temperatures and regularly used fresh batches of ale yeast it would be perfectly possible to produce cask beer in them. .

I will ship in hard plastic case to protect it.

New sealed 1995 Vintage Sam Adams Triple BockYes2018-01-18$30.00
New sealed 1995 Vintage Sam Adams Triple Bock. Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams) Massachusetts, United States. Noble hops and yeast, along with maple syrup, it was then aged several months in oak whiskey barrels before being bottled. At the time it was considered the world's strongest beer, and a precursor of today's Extreme Beers. Special cobalt blue bottle with gold lettering. This has been stored in my wine cellar since 1995 purchase. This is for one bottle
3 liter Abbaye De Floreffe Double in a commemorative bottle.

Stored horizontally in my wine cellar since i acquired it directly from the importer. Date label reads "06.99"

From the website-
A “light”, brown abbey ale with a deep colour with red reflections, chocolate, coffee and liquorice aromas and a touch of aniseed and white fruit notes. The first sip is full-flavoured, with a hint of acidity which heightens the roasted notes provided by the special malts. Malted flavours are prominent on the palate. The finish is particularly long, mainly acidic with a hint of sourness and a faint bitter aftertaste. Served cold, the spicy aromas will come to the fore, whereas when served at cellar temperature they give way to toasted, biscuit notes. Worth rediscovering again and again.

3 ltr. bottle Salvator 2000 – Paulaner Limited Edition VERY RARE

Salvator 2000 – Paulaner Limited Edition 3 ltr. VERY VERY Hard to find

This is a very rare Paulaner 3-liter bottle of Salvator Beer. Complete in original wooden box with certificate of authenticity and still with wax seal. I am asking good money since I am not sure I want to sell this fine piece.

This has never been opened, and has always been kept in the box, stored laying down and in a wine cellar since 2000.

Salvator - The father of all strong beers and Original Dopplebock

Our brewing history begins with this beer. And the history of strong beer in Bavaria – it was the Paulaner monks, who invented this bottom-fermenting double bock. We have been brewing the Salvator for over 375 years – always according to the original recipe, which was continuously refined over the years: The head is the colour of caramel and the beer is chestnut brown, combined with a seductive flavour of chocolate to give a pleasing intensity on the palate. Hereto comes the finest Munich malt, rounded off by a light note of hops in the background. Often imitated but never duplicated: The father of all double bock beers, of which the names always end in “-ator”!

18,3% original wort and 7,9% alcohol. Salvator is not only our most traditional beer, it is also the strongest. It was originally brewed by the Paulaner monks as a nutritional substitute for their own consumption during Lent to compensate for their sometimes demanding fasting ritual. The high quality and exceptionally good taste not only kept morale high among the monks, but also inspired young and old to new heights. Despite this, the monks were officially obliged to serve the Salvator only after the Regent Prince Karl Theodor had tried and was convinced and immediately approved a sample in 1780. Following this ancient tradition of the Paulaner monks, we celebrate the first barrel of strong beer to be opened at the Nockherberg in the springtime. Of course, even today, the first sample beer is reserved for the Minister President of Bavaria. The political elite attends the festivities, despite the biting satirical impersonations of prominent politicians, which are a tradition there. This special beer makes it worthwhile for them. It is served true to style in Keferloher ceramic mugs or “Steins”, and tastes malty with a fine balance of sweetness and fruity flavours, making this Ur-Paulaner speciality ideal to enjoy with equally intense dishes, for example duck with damson sauce.

Fullers Vintage Ale - 1999 3rd year - RareYes2018-01-11$50.00
Fullers Vintage Ale - 1999 this is the 3rd year produced - Rare

From the Fullers website - £230.00 – $310.69
The Champion theme was used once again for this classic Vintage Ale with Champion optic malt and hops. Slightly redder in appearance, this ale is full of body with a sherry-like flavour..

With the original box and in excellent condition. This bottle was cellared since 1999.

If you want 2 - one to show and one to go (to drink) - let me know I will combine shipping ( $100 per set +$20 shipping).

Fullers Vintage Ale - 1998- 2nd year - Very RareYes2018-01-11$75.00
Empty bottle. Fullers Vintage Ale - 1998- 2nd year produced - Very Rare

From the Fullers website: £490.00 – $663.51 Following the success of Fuller’s first Vintage Ale, this second in the series adopted a ‘Champion’ theme - fitting for a beer that is considered one of the collection’s big winners.

The blend of malt and hops brings beautiful balance to the 1998 Vintage Ale, a warming, creamy ale with just a gentle hint of sweetness.

With the original box and in excellent condition. Stored in a wine cellar since it was released.

If you want 2 - one to show and one to go (to drink) - let me know I will combine shipping ($20) and offer a 20 % discount on the second bottle ($135 per set +$20 shipping). However the second bottle will be one with a less than perfect outer box. A few boxes show some moisture marks from being in the high humidity of the cellar.

First Belgium ever Lost Abbey Tomme Arthur's Grand Cru for a Grand DayYes2017-12-15$375.00
This “Grand Cru for a Grand Day” is the FIRST Belgium beer produced and bottled by Tomme Arthur of Pizza Port, Solana Beach CA and currently, founder, co-owner of Lost Abbey Brewing. It was created for a friends wedding on 5/31/98(Chris Mueller, co-founder of White Labs Brewers Yeast). There were approximately 75 bottles created and gifted to the guests. This is from the private collection of Chris Mueller and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity. Quantity two available for purchase. Thus price is for one. Thank you for shopping this rare beer.
1977 Thomas Hardys sealed bottleYes2017-12-13$220.00
You are bidding on an extremely rare sealed bottle of Thomas Hardys 1977. Bottled in July 1977. Bottle foil is in great shape. Paper label has some age as you can see in the pic. Fill level looks good. I can send more pics too. Stored in the cellar for many years, this is about as rare as they come. I thoroughly package and ship via FedEx 2 day free (with tracking) to confirmed addresses in the 48 lower states.
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