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2014 BCBS bourbon county stout goose islandJust listed:
2014 BCBS bourbon county stout goose island $80.00
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1995 Westvleteren Blue CapYes2021-05-04$125.00
Date code appears to be 08-06-98. I am original purchaser and bottle has been stored in a climate controlled room since purchase.
1972 Westvleteren ExtraYes2021-05-04$275.00
Very nice bottle in great condition. Cap is pristine and fill level appears perfect.
1968 Westvleteren Extra - Green BottleYes2021-05-04$325.00
Great bottle from the days when Westvleteren was open fermented in the attic of the brewery. The bottle is green glass which they stopped using in 69 or 70. The bottle has raised lettering 'ABDY WESTVLETEREN '. VERY RARE!! (And very cool...)
1998 Westvleteren 8 Blue Cap with RARE LabelYes2021-05-04$325.00
This is a very rare bottle from 1998 when an importer decided to bring in numerous cases of Westvleteren to the U.S. and sell them to a limited number of customers. In order to do so legally, they had to create labels in order to adhere to U.S. regulations. When St. Sixtus Abbey (Westvleteren) heard about this, they politely asked that the sales be discontinued. Shortly after this, the ITA - International Trappist Association was formed to protect the Trappist trademark and hopefully prevent future indiscretions. These bottles are VERY RARE!! Bottles have been cellar stored since release.
1974 Westvleteren Abt 12 - Perfect ConditionYes2021-05-04$350.00
Another fantastic listing. This is a 1974 Westvleteren that has the St Sixtus Abdij name at the top of the label, something that was not allowed in later years, being replaced with Saint Bernardus, who actually brewed this particular beer. The label and cap are in excellent condition and this bottle has been cellar stored for over 25 years,and was purchased from a collector in Edegem in 1997; who had numerous crates of Trappist beer in his cellar.
1988 Westmalle DubbelYes2021-05-04$95.00
Great bottle in very good condition. Small tear on label but cap is in great condition with no rust.
1964 Trippel Cardinal HofbrauYes2021-05-04$150.00
Fantastic bottle in near perfect condition. I sold a similar bottle last year that had the word 'Trappist' on the label before this was restricted to Trappist monasteries. The word HOFBRAU is printed on the back. This beer was brewed by Het Anker (Gouden Carolus) starting in 1979-80; but am unsure where this might have been brewed. The bottle is stamped '64' on the bottom.
1968 Schaapskooi (La Trappe) TrappistenbierYes2021-05-04$160.00
Very rare bottle from Schaapskooi (Koningshoeven) before they started using the 'La Trappe' name for their range of beers. Label has some small tears but overall a great bottle with intact cap and no evidence of leakage.
1955 Stegmaier Porter with 1959 serving trayYes2021-05-04$110.00
This is a full sealed bottle of Stegmaier Porter from 1955 in excellent condition offered with a serving tray from the same brewery dated 1959. I have owned the bottle for 30+ years and it has been cellar stored all this time.
Brasserie De la'Ancre AntwerpYes2021-05-04$160.00
I was cleaning the bar again and opened a cabinet that had been blocked by many boxes for years and found some great bottles! Including this bottle that was from the same closed brewery that I listed another bottle from last year. This bottle is a beautiful bottle featuring a woman on a horse brandishing a sword and shield on a horse with armor that has snakes on the shields. After long research it was discovered that this was from the brewery called Brasserie de l'Ancre and they were in business in Antwerp from 1899 through 1964 - when they closed. Some of the beers they produced included Blond, Export, Helles Type, Kemmelbier, Killer Bier, Matt's Ale, Matt's Bock, Matt's Dark, Matt's Light, Matt's Pater, Matt's Pils, Op Sinjoorken, Op-Man, Ridd's Ale, Ridd's Beer, Ridd's Stout, Ridder's Bier, Stout, Weinachten Bier, Wiener Bier en Wynachten Bier, Dortmunder Ritter Bier, Vin des Flanders, Wijn van Vlaanderen and Wynachten 50. I am not sure what this bottle contains other than it is an amber color and still has a very good fill level so no notice of any cap leakage. I have owned for about 25 years and bought it on one of my first trips to Belgium.