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Thomas Hardy's 6 Bottle Vintage PackYes2019-09-15$240.00
This is a 6 bottle 'boxed' collection of Thomas Hardy's famous barley wine...the barley wine that all others are compared against.I bought this 'set' new back in 1998 and has been in a climate controlled cellar. It is evident what the box contains and all bottles have never been out of the all are in pristine condition.
​The name Rosé de Gambrinus first made an appearance on a bottle in 1986 with the base lambic having been brewed in 1984. **1986 FIRST BATCH EVER** The harvest is from 1986, lambic is from 1984
1994 St. Bernardus Pater 6Yes2019-09-04$60.00
This is a bottle of St. Bernardus Pater 6 that has been stored in my climate controlled cellar since purchase. All of the St. Bernardus beer mirror those of Westvleteren since they were the brewery for the abbey from 1962 through 1992. The bottle and label are in excellent condition considering the age. The label has a 'best before 1996' statement on the side in Flemish and French.
1999 Oude Geuze 3 FonteinenYes2019-09-03$600.00
Rare bottle of 1999 Oude Geuze from 3 Fonteinen. Always stored in my humidity and temperature controlled cellar. I would prefer pick up in SF Bay Area. DM me for any questions.
Millennium GeuzeYes2019-09-03$1200.00
Collectable bottle of Millennium Geuze, a collaboration between De Cam and 3 Fonteinen to celebrate the new Millennium. This rare and almost impossible to find lambic geuze was produced only in 8000 bottles. Arguably one of the best Geuze ever made. Always stored in my wine cellar, temperature and humidity control. Available 4 bottles. I would prefer pick up in SF bay area. DM for any questions.
Ultra RARE 1982 Guiness Christmas AleYes2019-09-01$75.00
I came upon 2 bottles of this beer about 20 years ago from a collector in England. I opened one about 6-7 years ago and it tastes more like a mild barleywine of Wee Heavy rather than a stout. It had an OG of 1.082 so should be about 9.5% alcohol and did have some slight spice additions; maybe spruce. While not the best beer I have ever tasted...the bottle is so very unique that it would be a great conversation piece for any collector.
1974 Courage Russian Imperial StoutYes2019-09-01$100.00
OK.. I challenge anyone to tell me that they have a bottle of this in their stash. This is the original RIS brewed by Courage for the Tsars for the Russian Imperial Family. I have had many bottles of this beer and I have never been disappointed. This is a small format bottle but has been stored in a climate controlled area for most of it's life. I had a sister bottle 6 years ago and it was incredible.
Sam Adams Triple Bock - First BottlingYes2019-09-01$80.00 a very early lover of craft beer, this beer was exciting when I heard of it's impending release. I bought a case and when I opened the first bottle...I was disappointed. It was very heavy, cloying and basically tasted like boiled down molasses. I put the other bottles in the back of my collection and forgot about it. Since these are small 8.45 ounces..this was no big deal...except for the cost of the bottles. I basically forgot about them until a beer tasting in 2012 and a friend saw them in the corner and asked about them. I told him that they were not very good and he asked if we could open a bottle. WOW...the flavor had changed and the beer suddenly became very appreciable. It tasted of a strong barleywine but still had quote a bit of strong salt character. a weak soy sauce...but the malt character prevailed. I have opened a bottle every year since and every year the beer becomes better and better. This is the last bottle. Good? Excellent? Who knows but the person who buys this bottle.
1986 Westvleteren Abt 12 11.2clYes2019-08-31$185.00
This is for a VERY RARE bottle of Westvletern Abt 12 brewed by St. Bernardus Brouwerij in Watou Belgium. St. Bernardus brewed Westvletern beers under contract from 1976 until 1996. This bottle was found in a case in a cellar of a house in the South of Belgium and the friend that found them sent them to me in the case and filled the case with that expanding foam product that is used for filling cracks and fortunately it only affected the labels minimally. There is still some residue on the caps, but each bottle of this exceptional ale that I have opened over the past 2 decades has been excellent. There is some oxidation and minimal carbonation...but the last one I opened last fall had nice carbonation and was incredible. Although there is no way of knowing what you will get with a beer this old. Please believe me that I REALLY do not want to sell any of my collection. I am selling off part of my rare beer collection to help defray the costs of some recent funeral expenses. I hope the beers I put on this site will bring joy to the new owners. When I purchased each of these beers, I never imagined selling them...but finances caused this to happen.
1994 Westvleteren Red CapYes2019-08-31$400.00
This sale is for an extremely RARE bottle of Westvleteren Red Cap ale. This was an exceptional ale brewed by St. Sixtus until 1999 and was then replaced by the familiar Westvleteren Blond ale that is available today. This beer was a kind of light dubbel ale as it is a 'donker' (dark) ale and was extremely enjoyable. I was fortunate to be able to buy 8 bottles of this beer in 2005 and have enjoyed them every couple of years since. Every bottle has been exceptional. All of my beers are stored in a climate controlled environment since purchase. (These bottles were stored in a cellar in Belgium until my find.) I am selling off part of my rare beer collection to help defray the costs of some recent funeral expenses. I hope the beers I put on this site will bring joy to the new owners. When I purchased each of these beers, I never imagined selling them...but finances caused this to happen.