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Beautiful Rare Cantillon set - Fou Foune + 50N4E + Lamvinus + Vigneronne + Nath Just listed:
Beautiful Rare Cantillon set - Fou Foune + 50N4E + Lamvinus + Vigneronne + Nath  $495.00
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Courage Alton Anniversary Ale 1953Yes2022-01-25$250.00
Bottle of Anniversary Ale from 1953 brewed by the masters of long lasting ales - Courage.
1952 Westmalle Belgium Trappist DubbelYes2022-01-20$190.00
This is one of the oldest bottles in my collection. It is from 1952 and the bottle and fill level are great. Crown cap is easily legible but does have some bad rust on one side; obviously not enough to harm the seal. Bottle is old style with ABDIJ WESTMALLE in raised letters on the side.
1993 Orval Trappist Belgium Beer - VERY RARE!Yes2021-12-03$105.00
I am selling this very rare 1993 Orval bottle from my collection. I have trouble holding on to Orvals for some the fact that I have saved this bottle for so long makes it very rare. This was before Orval started printing bottling dates as well as 'best by' dates on their labels. This label says best consumed by 2/25/98 and Orval has a supposed five year shelf life. The bottle is in great shape and has been stored in a dark climate controlled environment.
1964 Whitbread English Ale - Rare@Yes2021-12-03$45.00
This bottle is in near perfect condition and has been stored in a climate controlled environment. The bottle states it was imported into the states by Sterling Distributors but am unable to find anything about them.
1995 Westmalle TripelYes2021-12-02$70.00
Last one in my collection of the epitome of the tripel style. Westmalle tripel is what all breweries are trying to emulate when they make this style. (At least I do...) I am the original purchaser and this has been stored in a climate controlled environment since purchase. Label is a bit wanky but cap is in pristine condition.
Rare 1985 Rodenbach Belgium BeerYes2021-11-28$75.00
Very rare 1985 Rodenbach. Best before February 1989. I am the original purchaser and the beer has been cellar stored. Rodenbach, a legendary Belgian brewery in West Flanders, is synonymous with the Flanders or Flemish Red beer style. Founded almost 200 years ago, the brewery is now part of Swinkels Family Brewers, a 300-year-old family business that also owns Palm Breweries. Rodenbach is made for the dinner table. It balances tart, fruity acidity with soft oak notes, like wine. It’s thirst-quenching and light on the palate, despite its deep red color and complexity from mixed-fermentation barrel aging. At about half the alcohol by volume of wine, it’s a food-pairing beverage you can pour all meal long. This is a World-Class beer and I have had bottles dating back to the early 60's and never been disappointed.
1995 & 1997 Vintage Sam Adams Triple BockYes2021-10-14$69.00
1995 & 1997 Vintage Sam Adams Triple Bock New sealed Vintage Sam Adams Triple Bock. Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams) Massachusetts, United States. Noble hops and yeast, along with maple syrup, it was then aged several months in oak whiskey barrels before being bottled. At the time it was considered the world's strongest beer, and a precursor of today's Extreme Beers. Special cobalt blue bottle with gold lettering. This has been stored in my wine cellar since 1995 purchase. This is for one bottle of each vintage
Cantillon Lou Pepe Kriek 1999Yes2021-09-26$550.00
LPK 1999 label. In good condition
1995 Westvleteren Blue CapYes2021-05-04$85.00
Date code appears to be 08-06-98. I am original purchaser and bottle has been stored in a climate controlled room since purchase.
1972 Westvleteren ExtraYes2021-05-04$165.00
Very nice bottle in great condition. Cap is pristine and fill level appears perfect.