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Lost Abbey - Veritas KriekJust listed:
Lost Abbey - Veritas Kriek $250.00
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1958 Abbaye de Roosenberg - Abdij WaesmunsterYes2020-08-11$450.00
Very old bottle in excellent condition. There is noting about this beer anywhere but it is assumed that it also was either brewed at the monastery or for the monastery. There is a beer with a similar name now brewed by Huyghe - the brewers of Delirium beers...but this is a very old bottle and the cap is not rusted and also in great condition.
1991 Het Anker Gouden Carolus D'OrYes2020-08-11$225.00
Extremely rare Gouden Carolus D'Or beet bottle with all painted information. Best before 1994 so bottle should be from 1991 or before. Missing the gold foil but still very collectible.
1965 Vieille VillersYes2020-08-11$200.00
Very cool stubby bottle with a painted label that is in excellent shape. This beer is now brewed by Huyghe - brewers of the Delirium range of beers; but I believe this predates this brewery. There is some script writing on the sash below the shield that says - 'POST TENEBRAS SPERO LUCEM' - After the darkness I hope for life. This bottle was brewed either by, or for, the Villers Abbey just south of Brussels. The cap is still in very good condition as well. The beer does have some residual malt around the neck of the bottle.
1988 Witkap Pater Stimulo - Br. SlaghmuylderYes2020-08-11$250.00
Another Witkap Pater beer from 1988. The original Witkap brewery was bombed to the ground in 1940 and rebuilt by the children of Hendrik Verlinden but was not as successful and was sold to a liquor dealer in 1969; whom closed the brewery in 1975. The name was picked up by Slaghmuylder and they still brew a range of Witkap beers today. The bottle and label are in excellent condition.
1950 Witkap Pater Dubbele Pater 'Trappistenbier'Yes2020-08-11$800.00
As for collectible Belgium bottles, this is another 'Holy Grail.' Witkap was brewed originally by Hendrik Verlinden at his brewery called 'Witkap.' Here is some history: Fermentation chemist Hendrik Verlinden (1866-1940), author of the Practical Handbook of the Fermentation Industry (1916), started brewing in his own account in 1919 in brewery De Drie Linden in Brasschaat. In addition, he was an advisor to the breweries of Alken, Haacht and Mechelen, and from 1925 to 1929 of the Abbey of Westmalle in the development of its new brewery and the production of the Westmallebeers. The white hoods worn by the Trappists during church services inspired Verlinden to call his beer "Witkap" in 1929. In 1932 he even registered "Witkap Pater = Trappist beer" as a brand name. The Trappists of Westmalle took legal action against this, but were unsuccessful in 1934, since they were merely a non-profit association, which could not therefore invoke commercial law. After 1964 the term 'Trappist' could no longer be used commercially due to it being restricted to beers brewed within the walls of a monastery among other restrictions. This bottle is in excellent condition with no defects on the label. I seriously doubt there are any other examples of this bottle with the extremely rare 'Trappistenbier' label.
Sam Adams Triple Bock 1997Yes2020-08-10$35.00
New sealed 1997 Vintage Sam Adams Triple Bock. Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams) Massachusetts, United States. Noble hops and yeast, along with maple syrup, it was then aged several months in oak whiskey barrels before being bottled. At the time it was considered the world's strongest beer, and a precursor of today's Extreme Beers. Special cobalt blue bottle with gold lettering. This has been stored in my wine cellar since 1997 purchase.
RARE: Sam Adams Millennium Ale MMM, 750ml, only 3,000 made, never sold to publicYes2020-07-21$875.00
RARE: this Samuel Adams Millennium Ale MMM is as unique as it gets. Sam Adams founder Jim Koch wanted to make a unique beer to commemorate the millennium – and it was never sold to the public. It’s 750 ml (about 25 ounces); in a beautiful cobalt blue bottle; weighs in at 20% alcohol; is hand-signed and numbered by Jim; and comes in a fancy drawstring bag and matching cherry wood case. Only 3,000 of these were made, and were released in the year 2000. This bottle and case is #990 out of 3,000. Beer Advocate Magazine rates this beer 98 – 100 and a ‘must have’ for the true beer lover or collector. I believe that this beer was the inspiration for their Utopias – those are much more common, are sold to the public, and even current vintages sell for $500 or more, if you can find them. Buy this rarity now for $875 (plus shipping and insurance). Condition: I believe the beer has been stored well through the years, but can’t guarantee what a 20 year old beer tastes like, or even that it’s drinkable. Please see the picture to see how the case, bottle and bag look. I have more upon request. Payment: PayPal only. I’ll ship within a week of receiving your payment. Shipment: I will take up to two weeks to arrive as I have it stored at an off site. I ship via UPS or FedEx with insurance to PayPal confirmed addresses ONLY (if paid thru PayPal) in the 48 lower states (adult signature required). Sorry, I do not ship to P.O. Boxes, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, APO/FPO, US protectorates and territories. Returns: This item is not returnable. This item is sold in accordance with the sealed bottle policy.
1992 Europa Bottle - VERY RARE!Yes2020-06-28$140.00
This is a full bottle of beer that was a special brew by the beer club Gambrinus which was the former club that evolved into the B.A.B. Beer Club in Brugge Belgium. Back in the 80's and 90's, there were only a few beer festivals in Belgium, and when they were held, they were usually promoted by the area beer club. And as an added treat, they would brew and bottle a special beer for the event. This was the beer brewed for a festival held in April 1992. Bottle looks new. I had 3 bottles originally and consumed one a decade ago at the BAB Festival in Brugge and gifted another one to that club. They were blown away when I pulled the bag from my backpack and several older members remembered the beer.