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Port Brewing / Pizza Port SPF 45Just listed:
Port Brewing / Pizza Port SPF 45 $125.00
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Unopened Bottle Pabst Tempo BeerYes2020-02-06$100.00
This is an unopened bottle of Pabst Tempo Beer. I do have other pictures available. Make me an offer.
Cantillon Brabantiae 1991 Batch 1Yes2020-01-22$1500.00
Selling an unopened bottle of Cantillon Brabantiae. Label is not in the greatest condition, but if you know this bottle, then you know that most floating around these days have poor labels.

There is some controversy regarding bottles with gold foil. I would be careful to avoid them as the jury is still out whether they are authentic or not. The corks on these bottles do not match the ones without foil, which are confirmed authentic. The bottles I am selling are from the original cache discovered in the flooded cellar in 2011, none of which have gold foil. I personally received these items from the estate trustee in Belgium in 2011.

Note, the picture might not be the exact bottle used, but I will verify with buyer before sending. I have a few of them, and I have sold a few through private sales, so not sure which picture this one happens to be.

I accept Paypal. Shipping will be a flat rate $30 for 1 bottle with adult signature required upon delivery. I will allow in-person pickup in the Southern California area only after a small pre-paid deposit (availability in LA and San Diego... you come to me. please contact in advance if you choose this option).

From Brabantiae is a gueuze that was finished in Port wine barrels, and made to honor the Belgian King Baudouin (7 September 1930 – 31 July 1993). It was released for the Koningsfeesten (King's Celebrations) in 1991. Jean-Pierre brewed three batches of lambic (November 1987, February 1989, and January 1990). He first aged this lambic in 650-liter wine barrels ("pijpen" or "pipes") from Spain. Next, the batches were finished in Old Tawny Superior Port barrels from Portugal. Francis De Hondt requested that Cantillon create a special cuvée to honor King Badouin (also Duke of Brabant) to celebrate the Koningsfeesten. This particular anniversary was special as it represented a triple anniversary for the King (30 years of marriage, 40 years of reign, and the King’s 60th birthday). Brabantiae, which was already in barrels, was named and provided for this celebration
George Gale & Co Prize Old Ale 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000Yes2020-01-15$70.00
George Gale & Co. Prize Old Ale bottle conditioned 9% Ale, 9.3oz. The George Gale Brewery is among England's most renowned and Prize Old Ale is Britain's multi-year champion beer. This is a four (4) bottle lot of the following vintages, 1 each: 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000. Bottles were stored in my wine cellar at 55 degrees and labels are in great condition given the age. Flat rate shipping of $25.
CANTILLON 1983 - SUPERGEUZE Yes2020-01-06$489.00
CANTILLON 1983 - SUPERGEUZE VERY UNIQUE BOTTLE FOR A REAL SPECIAL COLLECTION Please send me an e-mail for more pictures SAFE AND FIRM SHIPPING - I will send you the tracking number as soon as shipped
CANTILLON 1983 - VINTAGE GRAND CRU BRUOCSELLA VERY UNIQUE BOTTLE Please send me an e-mail to receive more pictures SAFE AND FIRM SHIPPING - you'll receive the tracking number as soon as it is shipped.
Rodenbach Alexander BB98Yes2019-12-23$130.00
Original bottle of Rodenbach Alexander with a best before 98. This should mean it was bottled in 1996. World class and not ever to be imitated.
Rodenbach Alexander BB99Yes2019-12-23$185.00
Original bottling of Rodenbach Alexander before they stopped brewing it. Has a best before of 1999 and from what I was told at the brewery, they had a 3 year shelf life. This is amusing since I have had this beer that was 25+ years and and was still fantastic. I had a bottle with the original brewer - Peter Bouckaert and his wife more than a dozen years ago and the bottle was 20 years old at the time and it brought tears to our eyes.
1989 Kasteel TripelYes2019-12-16$100.00
Cellar aged since purchase. I bought several of these and have one every 2-3 years and have never been disappointed.
Thomas Hardy''s Ale 1989 4 Bottles (3 12 oz. Bottles and 1 Nip 6.33 oz bottle)Yes2019-11-29$165.00
I am selling 4 bottles of Thomas Hardy Ale from Vintage 1989. The lot includes 3- (12 ounce) bottles from a full case I had purchased in 1992 when they were first imported to Michigan. Also, I included a 1989 Nip size 6.33 ounce bottle as well. I was the first person to buy Hardy's in Michigan, as I convinced a store owner to call George Saxon of Phoenix Imports and arrange a distributor of craft beers back then to take on Hardy's Ale as one of their products. Back then I purchased cases of 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991 and singles of some '86 and '87. As time has passed my Hardy's has all but gone. I have less than a case of the 1989 left and a few of the bottles had the foil top either torn or gone but the caps on the bottles say Florida which when you remove the foil on any bottle they all say Florida. Florida was the port of entry for shipping Hardy's into the U.S. I sell and ship only in the mainland USA. The shipping cost for the lot will be $18.95. I guarantee these bottles to be the 1989 Thomas Hardy Ale and have stored in my cellar under my house for the entire time and the temperature doesn't fluctuate much year around. I have sold Hardy's on here before without incident and my username Mattman9 is also my Ebay username and you can see my feedback is 100%, for over a decade. If you want to contact me directly, my email is Thanks for reading
1999 Benchmark MM Old AleYes2019-11-25$65.00
This was one of the first beers to receive a 100 on Beer Advocate. It now has a 89 due to later releases, but this is the first bottling by Portland Brewing Company brewed for the Millennium.Kept in a climate controlled space since purchase.