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2015 Bourbon County Rare and Regal RyeJust listed:
2015 Bourbon County Rare and Regal Rye $145.00
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1999 Drie Fonteinen Oude Gueuze (Silk Screen)Yes2019-01-08$775.00
Up for sale is a bottle of 1999 Drie Fonteinen Oude Gueuze with the Screen Printed Label. This is a 750ml corked & caged bottle, unopened, and extremely rare! Free and secure shipping! Payment through paypal or TW (preferred).
Sam Adams Millenium MMMYes2018-12-29$1100.00
Inherited from a family friend who passed away. Found stored properly in a true wine cellar, however it appears the cork has become dislodged into the bottle. Cannot verify since it is wax dipped, therefore no guarantees on the contents. #1673/3000 I have other photos...please ask. Box has a few blemishes. Cut & pasted from another listing: Extremely rare, unopened, bottle of Samuel Adams Millennium Ale MMM with custom drawstring bag and matching cherry wood case. Signed by Jim Koch. History of Samuel Adams Millennium: "Released in 2000, Samuel Adams® Millennium is the result of The Boston Beer Company founder Jim Koch's desire to create an astonishing, once-in-a-lifetime beer to commemorate the new millennium. Packaged in a unique, cobalt blue bottle with platinum lettering, finished with a natural cork and a hand dipped wax seal with an “M” monogram (Millennium) in the top of the wax seal. This unique bottle features a custom drawstring cloth bag with bottle insignia, nestled in a matching cherry wood box. Only 3,000 750 ml bottles were crafted; making it the most limited edition Samuel Adams® beer ever offered. Each bottle was hand-signed by Jim Koch. “It's very rare to see one out today, but if you stumble on one, buy it - because you'll probably never get another chance!" Beer Advocate Magazine rates this beer with the very rare rating of 98 – 100 (WORLD CLASS!) and a must have for the true beer lover or collector. Buy it now for the price of $1,100.00. Processing time: I'll reserve 2-3 days of processing time, to properly pack your purchase. Shipment: I can ship via UPS/FedEx with insurance to confirmed addresses in 48 lower states (adult signature required). Sorry, I do not ship to P.O. Boxes, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, APO/FPO, US protectorates and territories. Returns: This item is not returnable and no refunds. This item is sold in accordance with the sealed bottle policy below.
1976 Vintage Unopened Case Beer w wooden crate Henry Weinhard's Private Reserve #1 - 12 bottlesYes2018-12-28$4777.00
SEEKING ECCENTRIC CLASSIC VINTAGE BEER COLLECTORS ONLY! Yes it's true. I finally sadly decided to part with my prized Collectors case of Henry Weinhard's 1976 Original BOTTLE RUN NUMBER #1. With Bottle run cases #13 AND #69 comp. Yes case number one is in a RARE Handmade wooden case. Cases 13 & 69 are in the original cardboard boxes. Bottle run #1 was made EXCLUSIVELY for Portland Oregon bar owners at the time in 1976, and never made available to the general public. Includes 12 bottles complete with
Deadhead Draft Olde 4-20 750mlYes2018-11-26$300.00
Sealed bottle of Deadhead draft, 750 ml. Top and label are in very good legible condition. It is Bottle #811 from Batch 2, bottled on Jan. 4th 1996 as is annotated on the bottle along with the brewmeister’s initials. Is being sold as a collector’s item, not for drinking. Unsure of the bottles storage history. Any questions or offers please text 870-514-4234. PayPal only
Cantillon Gueuze 90's 375mlYes2018-11-21$310.00
Cantillon Gueuze from the early 90's - there is no date on the cork nor the label but the label design suggests 92-95. Label is in very good condition. The cap is good for its age and the fill level is as it was when it was bottled. 2nd owner - 1st owner stored it in a cellar, as have I.
Hair of the Dog DaveYes2018-11-16$2250.00
In honor of Hair of The Dog’s 25th Anniversary, I am selling my bottle of Dave. I plan to donate a portion of the proceeds to Guide Dogs for the Blind in honor of the hard work Alan put in to this beer and a portion to Randall’s Children Hospital since my son was born early and spent time in their NICU. This is one of the last remaining bottles available. Bottle stored in a dry, cool, temperature controlled space since purchase. Paypal Preferred. Prefer to deliver In person and willing to drive or fly within 1000 miles but will ship with insurance. Thank you!
Thomas Hardy’s Ale Lot of 6 Different YearsYes2018-11-13$650.00
This listing is for 6 bottles of Thomas Hardy’s ale, 1 from each of the following years: 1983, 1986, 1987, 1993, 1994, 2004. All bottles are sealed, and their labels are in Very Good to Excellent condition. For more thorough descriptions of each, including bottle sizes because they differ, or for good clear pics of all 6 of the bottles since this website won’t let you include decent pics, text 870-514-4234, or email me at Texts are more likely to be noticed much faster. I honestly do not know the history of how they’ve been stored, I just recently acquired them. I wouldn’t drink them, they are being sold specifically as collector’s items, not to be consumed.
Thomas Hardy's Ale - Complete Vertical 41 bottles in all 1968 - 2016Yes2018-11-07$4000.00
Price is for 41 bottles of Thomas Hardy's Ale (THA). One bottle from each year it was produced from the first year 1968 till 2016. I have collected THA for years and figured I would sell one complete vertical if there's interest... if not I will drink it! SHIPPING and PAYMENT info: Ideally I would prefer someone to pick these up and pay in cash! If shipping is needed I will work with the buyer and package the bottles as per their request! With 41 bottles I can't imagine shipping will be cheap nor the cost to package them up. I will do whatever I can to cut the cost down on both. I have some packing materials that I will provide at no cost to the buyer but if other materials are needed then the buyer would need to pay for said materials! List of bottles included: 1968 - 1 nip 1969-1973 - NA (bottles were not made any year marked NA) 1974 - 1 nip 1075 - 1 nip 1976 - NA 1977 - 1 nip 1978 - 1 nip 1979 - 1 nip (Jan) 1979 - 1 nip (Sep) 1980 - 1 half pint 1981 - 1 nip 1982 - 2 half pint 1983 - 1 (Royal Thomas Hardy's) 1984 - 1 nip 1985 - 1 nip 1986 - 1 nip 1987 - 1 nip 1987 - 1 (150th Anniversary) 1988 - 1 nip (rough label) 1989 - 3 nip 1990 - 1 nip 1991 - 1 nip 1991 - 1 330ml 1992 - 1 nip 1993 - 1 6.33oz Silver Anniversary 1993 - 1 nip 1994 - 1 nip 1995 - 1 330ml 1995 - 1 nip 1996 - 1 330ml 1997 - 1 330ml 1998 - 1 330ml 1999 - 1 330ml 2000-2002 - NA 2003 - 1 half pint 2004 - 1 half pint 2005 - 1 half pint 2006 - 1 half pint 2007 - 1 half pint 2008 - 1 half pint 2014 - 1 330ml Preview Edition 2015 - 1 330ml 2016 - 1 (The Historical Ale) 2016 - 1 33cl. Note - Picture reflects only portion of the collection so please feel free to contact me if you would like to see more pictures!
6 -12oz. Bottles of Sequentially Numbered 1989 Thomas Hardy Ale HardysYes2018-10-27$290.00
I am selling 6 bottles (12 oz) of Thomas Hardy Ale from Vintage 1989. I am selling these 6 bottles that are sequentially numbered bottles (Rare). I had a full case left that I bought in 1992 soon after they were first imported to Michigan. I was able to find these 6 sequential numbers in the case--#16128, 16129, 16130,16131, 16132 and 16133. A couple of the bottles had the foil scraped off the top while moving boxes in my cellar. The bottle caps that lost foil says Florida on them and when you open any of the other bottles and remove the foil you will see they all say Florida, so I guarantee they haven't been tampered with. Florida caps were put on them during bottling to indicate these were for export to USA as Florida was the port of call for importing these from England.These have been stored in my under house cellar since 1993 where the temperatures have little fluctuation around the year. I will ship and sell only in the mainland USA and charge $17.95. I have sold on here without any issues. I sell on Ebay under the same seller name and have 100 percent feedback for over 15 years. If you want to communicate directly my email is This is a great deal and I only have a few bottles left to sell after this. Thanks for reading!
2 Bottles of(1-1990 & 1-1991) Liefmans GoudenbandYes2018-10-27$110.00
I am selling 2 Bottles of Vintage Liefmans Goudenband Ale in 12.7 oz. Corked Bottles. The Bottles were bought by me back in 1993 and have been stored in my cellar under my house where there is little fluctuation in temperatures year around. The Bottles have the dates printed in bold numbers on the corks. This is old style Flemish Strong Brown Ale that gets it name from iron bands that surround a keg, as these are barrel aged. They were renamed Goudenband (Gold Bands) and given the Champagne corked Bottle. After Barrel aged in cellars the a Gueuze Beer is added thus blending the Lambics and allowing for a secondary fermentation in the Bottle. Michael Jackson referred to this his favorite Brown Ale. There is very little of the older vintages of this to be found anymore. I sell and ship only in the mainland USA and fees will be $15.95 to ship. I have sold on here without incident and sell on Ebay with the same username so you can see I have 100% feedback for over a decade. Thanks for reading, and my email is if you want to contact me directly.