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Deal with the Devil B3Just listed:
Deal with the Devil B3 $1200.00
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Dai Nippon Brewery Ltd green bottleNo2016-10-09$75.00
Unknown age on the bottle, but the glass is heavy, of variable thickness, and has a seam running up one side (between 'Co.' and 'Ltd'). Seam ends just below the apparently applied top. Approx 12oz in size, lots of tiny bubbles. Deep dark remarkable green color - a really wonderful bottle. Unsure as to the exact age, but guess it is from the early 1900s or late 1800s. Email for more pics!
RARE Primo Hawaii embossed bottleNo2016-10-02$60.00
Older Primo (Honolulu Hawaii) beer bottle - pic shows emboss on both sides, as well as the top and bottom of the bottle. No chips. Very nice condition, but has usual wear from the years. Likely early 1900's. Additional pics available :)