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2003 Sam Adams Utopias
12-25-2013 @ 5:38 pm
This is a sealed, never-opened decanter of the Boston Beer Company's 2003 Utopias. One of the earliest vintages of this series, it received the highest rating of 96-100 by F. Paul Pacult (Wine Enthusiast) at the time of its release. The copper-clad ceramic decanter, handcrafted by Ceremarte and collectible in its own right, was specified for long-term aging of the contents. Produced on a very limited scale of 8,000 decanters, there is today an unknown, yet decidedly scarce, quantity remaining in existence. This item, numbered #05146 at bottling, is intact with the original box and tag. Purchased at retail in early 2004, it has been cared for in light- and climate-controlled storage, preserving the exterior finish and operable parts. Payment by PayPal. Shipment by FedEx or UPS. 
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Sold to sammyboy (14) at 2014-04-14 17:11:05
$600.00 + shipping

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