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Home » Bottles: 2001 - Newer » Item Details: Toppling goliath 2014 Assassin, 2015 SR71, 2014 Kentucky Brunch
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Toppling goliath 2014 Assassin, 2015 SR71, 2014 Kentucky Brunch
03-21-2016 @ 2:55 pm
This listing is for three very rare beers from toppling goliath. All three were obtain directly from the brewery by myself. All three are unopened. They have all been stored in my beer celler and have been kept in the dark at 50 degrees since i aquired them. Please not that there is a small corner of the wax on the kentucky brunch that was chipped off. The seal of the bottle was never compramised and the wax is intact around the rest of the bottle. i can supply more picture upon request. 
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Sold to beerz44 (134) at 2016-03-22 12:56:29
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