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Home » Bottles: 1934 - 2000 » Item Details: 6 -12oz. Bottles of Sequentially Numbered 1989 Thomas Hardy Ale Hardys
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6 -12oz. Bottles of Sequentially Numbered 1989 Thomas Hardy Ale Hardys
10-27-2018 @ 2:31 pm
I am selling 6 bottles (12 oz) of Thomas Hardy Ale from Vintage 1989. I am selling these 6 bottles that are sequentially numbered bottles (Rare). I had a full case left that I bought in 1992 soon after they were first imported to Michigan. I was able to find these 6 sequential numbers in the case--#16128, 16129, 16130,16131, 16132 and 16133. A couple of the bottles had the foil scraped off the top while moving boxes in my cellar. The bottle caps that lost foil says Florida on them and when you open any of the other bottles and remove the foil you will see they all say Florida, so I guarantee they haven't been tampered with. Florida caps were put on them during bottling to indicate these were for export to USA as Florida was the port of call for importing these from England.These have been stored in my under house cellar since 1993 where the temperatures have little fluctuation around the year. I will ship and sell only in the mainland USA and charge $17.95. I have sold on here without any issues. I sell on Ebay under the same seller name and have 100 percent feedback for over 15 years. If you want to communicate directly my email is This is a great deal and I only have a few bottles left to sell after this. Thanks for reading!  
Sold to Sfielder001 (16) at 2019-08-09 08:07:16
$290.00 + shipping
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