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Home » Bottles: 1934 - 2000 » Item Details: 1999 ORIGINAL Dogfish Head World Wide Stout RARE! Original label!
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1999 ORIGINAL Dogfish Head World Wide Stout RARE! Original label!
08-31-2019 @ 5:54 pm
This is one of my rarest bottles as it is the original bottling of Dogfish Head World Wide Stout that was bottled in 1999 with a label that was banned by the FDA because it had the phrase 'Vim and Vigor'...which the government claimed was a 'medical' claim and told Dogfish that they had to recall the entire shipment of this new ground breaking beer. It was ground breaking because it was said to be around 20% ABV...unheard of for a beer of that time. This bottle was NEVER going to be sold as it is one of my favorite bottles to show when having a great beer tasting. I have know the owner of Dogfish since they opened and he still has a few of these bottles around...but they are very scarce. I am not letting this beer go away lightly as it has always held a special place in my heart out of all the bottles in my collection. I had 4 bottles originally and have opened them for various stout tastings over the past 18 years ...and every one has been INCREDIBLE!! If this bottle does not will be fine with me because the discussion about this beer, the bottle and the 'issues' with the label have caused many hours of enjoyment over the past couple of decades. I am selling off part of my rare beer collection to help defray the costs of some recent funeral expenses. I hope the beers I put on this site will bring joy to the new owners. When I purchased each of these beers, I never imagined selling them...but finances caused this to happen. 
Sold to Demian3160 (10) at 2019-09-01 11:21:06
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