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Choose Any 2 Prairie Dawg Single Barrel (Year 2) beers from list!
06-26-2020 @ 8:27 am
This is the best deal you are going to find on Prairie Dawg Year 2 single barrel beers! Life circumstances are forcing me to significantly thin my cellar. These are all on a First-come-first-serve basis and some are much more limited than others. Pick ANY 2 of the Dawg beers listed below and message me after you make your purchase with the ones you want. If you want more than 2 that is cool, just make one purchase and let me know and we'll work it out. The price is $70 for every 2 bottles and I will only sell in lots of 2. I will confirm if the 2 you chose are still available and send you payment instructions (note: I will update the list as bottles sell out but there is a chance 2 people could want the same bottle before I have a chance to update it).

CONUS shipping is a flat $15 no matter how many bottles you choose. I will ship either FedEx or USPS Priority and reserve the right to choose the shipper. Here's the list of Prairie Dawg beers to choose from (these are all from Year 2 and all are confirmed to be good). The format is Beer Name / (type of barrel it was aged in) / Adjuncts used:

Apple Sauced (Apple Brandy) Apples, Pecans, Caramel
Because Life is Short (Bourbon) BLiS Maple, Coconut, Vanilla
Big Dawg Breakfast (Bourbon) Cinnamon Toast Crunch & Double Vanilla
Bored, Buzzed & Chatty (Bourbon) Hazelnut Coffee, Coconut & Vanilla
Bronanas Foster (Bourbon) Banana PureƩ, Cinnamon & Vanilla
Bye,Bye Baked Apple Pie (Apple Brandy) Cinnamon, Vanilla & Maple
C&C Marshmallow Factory (Bourbon) Coconut, Cinnamon & Marshmallow
Can I have Samoa? (Bourbon) Double Stuf't Oreo, Caramel & Toasted Coconut
Cocobronilla (Bourbon) Cacao Nibs, Vanilla, Coconut
Cuck Fancer (Bourbon) Oreos, Vanilla & Marshmallow (1 left!)
Fluffed Nibs (Bourbon) Marshmallow, Vanilla, & Cocoa nibs
Fluf't (Bourbon) Vanilla, Cacao Nibs & Marshmallow
German Chocolate Ecstasy (Bourbon) Sweetened Coconut, Vanilla & Cacao Nibs
Jamaican Me Nutty (Apple Brandy) Coconut, Hazelnut & Jamaican Blue Coffee
Marple Rain (Bourbon + AB) Maple, Pecans & Marshmallow
Milk of the Poppy (Bourbon) Vanilla, Toasted Coconut & Cinnamon
Oklahoma Cream Pie (Apple Brandy) Oatmeal Cream Pie & Pecans
Pantry Stout (Bourbon) Maple Syrup, Oreos & Peanut Butter Wafers
Pavlov's Dog (Bourbon) Hazelnut Coffee, Marshmallow & Cacao Nibs
PECAN CINNAMON Your Own Size (Bourbon) Pecan, Cinnamon & Marshmallow (1 left!)
Puff Puff Pass (Bourbon) Marshmallow, Vanilla & Coffee
PUF'T (Bourbon) Chocolate Puffed Grain Cereal, Coconut & Marshmallow (1 left!)
Reserved for Nick (Apple Brandy) Cinnamon, Vanilla & Pink Peppercorns
Resfeber (Bourbon) Marshmallow, Cacao Nibs & Coconut
Toasted And Mallow (Bourbon) Toasted Coconut, Toasted Marshmallow & Pecans
Uppers Downers All Arounders (Apple Brandy) Cassia (cinnamon), Coffee & Honey

The bottles have all been stored at 55 degrees since I pick them up personally and will be packed and shipped with care. PayPal F&F preferred. Please wait until I contact you after purchase with payment instructions. Will combine shipping with other purchases so please check out my other items.

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