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2015 Three Floyds Bourbon Barrel Aged Cherry Cocoa Dark Lord $500.00
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Modern Times Ultra Set 2020
05-04-2022 @ 5:15 pm
4 bottle set. Three 22oz beers: MT Ultra Coconut; MT Ultra Vanilla; MT Ultra Coffee. Plus a 375ml bottle of BA maple syrup. Rare, highly coveted box set. Try them all on their own, then make your cuvée! And stay tuned, I will be listing the '21 set as soon as it hits its one year maturity. Also the Modem Tones Single Barrel set... You are buying the 2020 MT Ultra Boxed Set: MT ULTRA BOXED SET The beers in this set have a base consisting of 50% Modem Tones, 20% Beastmaster, 20% Dragon Mask, and 10% Suggestion of Mass, all of which were aged in bourbon barrels. Included in every set are the following 4 bottles: MT ULTRA: COCONUT EDITION This beer was dosed with an absolutely staggering 67 pounds per barrel of coconut (roughly 2.16 pounds per gallon), the majority of which was toasted in-house, with a smaller quantity of raw coconut in the mix as well. You've never tasted or smelled a coconut beer like this before, guaranteed. It is decadent beyond words, rich as the uncle you wish you had, and fragrant like the musk of a tropical god. It's the most obscenely delicious coconut beer we can possibly imagine. ABV: 13.5% Format: 22oz Bottle MT ULTRA: VANILLA EDITION Loaded with a cornucopia of vanilla from all over the world at the astounding rate of 2.24 pounds per barrel, this is the most vanilla laden beer we’ve ever created--and the most expensive. In order to capture the Full Spectrum Vanilla Experience, we utilized beans from Madagascar, Uganda, Mexico, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Tahiti. The result is an astoundingly complex beer that introduces you to aspects of the vanilla bean you didn't even know existed. This beer is like tasting a marshmallow in 12 dimensions, coated in chocolate harvested by mermaids. ABV: 13.5% Format: 22oz Bottle MT ULTRA: COFFEE EDITION We wanted this beer to showcase everything that is possible with beer and coffee. So we loaded it with 5 pounds per barrel of our house-roasted ULTRA Blend made just for this beer via our usual "dry beaning" method, then added a massive quantity of freshly pulled ULTRA Blend espresso shots from our Lomaland cafe, and then hit it with a generous helping of Guardian Spirit cold brew concentrate. If you remember Modem Tones: Super Coffee Edition from a couple of years back, expect an even more boss-level incarnation of that. The richness of the base beer--in which the maple is definitely evident--pairs incredibly well with the luscious coffee character from our house-roasted beans. It's a beer only Modern Times could make. ABV: 13.5% Format: 22oz Bottle BOURBON BARREL-AGED MAPLE SYRUP Years ago we were purchasing very expensive maple syrup bourbon barrels to age beer in when we realized that we could just make our own. Plus, we’d get to keep the syrup to use for all kinds of beer and culinary creations. So we purchased some drums of Grade A Very Dark maple syrup and threw them into freshly-dumped bourbon barrels. Whenever we decide to age beer in said maple bourbon barrels, we transfer the syrup to a new, freshly-dumped bourbon barre to make room for the beer and prepare a new barrel for the future. The maple syrup chosen for the Ultra Set was taken from 3 barrels. 1 of the maple barrels selected was holding syrup that had been in 3 different barrels already, while the other 2 maple barrels housed syrup that had been in 4 separate barrels. This means that the maple syrup in your set has collectively lived in 11 separate, freshly dumped bourbon barrels. Ultra-status achieved. Format: 375ml Bottle  
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