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Vintage Sierra Nevada 7 bottle vertical: 1999 - 2005Just listed:
Vintage Sierra Nevada 7 bottle vertical: 1999 - 2005 $100.00
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HoTD Dave Raffle Ticket
12-06-2013 @ 2:10 pm
Empty bottle. Hair of the Dog Brewing recently celebrated their 20th Anniversary. As part of the planned celebration, bottles of Dave were to be raffled off, and the owner went to considerable expense to design and print these numbered raffle tickets. Unfortunately, rules on gambling prevented the raffle and this was known as 'The Dave Raffle That Never Was'. These collectible raffle tickets were for sale as souvenirs. I purchased a couple, but will part with one today. Makes a great holiday gift to the brewania / brewania collector! 
Sold to chipaz8348083 (34) at 2013-12-07 11:48:01
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