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BROOKLYN BLACK OPS 2009  $100.00
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BFM Abbaye De Saint Bon Chien 2011Yes2019-10-09$40.00
Listing a Bon Chien from 2011. I just noticed that the label states 12.68 ounces, but this is the bigger bottle. I believe 25 ounces. Just figured I would put that out there. Shipping will be included for the continental USA.
Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Coffee Stout 2013Yes2019-10-09$20.00
Listing a rare Goose Bourbon County Coffee Stout from 2013. Properly Cellared. Shipping will be free in the continental USA.
Schlafly Reserve Imperial Stout 2008Yes2019-10-09$30.00
Listing a Schlafly Reserve Imperial Stout from 2008. Taken out of original box to take photo. I have more than one. Shipping will be included in the Continental USA.
Sam Adams Utopias 2005Yes2019-10-09$475.00
Listing a Sam Adams Utopias 2005. Cellared from day one. This one was taken out of the box years ago when my wife and I were going through the collection. She also wrote the year 2005 on the box. It was only taken out that one time. Shipping will be included in the continental USA.
2014 Sierra Nevada Narwhal Stout Yes2019-10-09$45.00
Listing a properly cellared bottle of Sierra Nevada barrel aged narwhal stout. I have more than one. Shipping will be Included in the continental USA.