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Russian River Brewing Co T25 T30 Isabella Proximus $300.00
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Bruery Duo - Melange #9 & Saule 2017 Yes2020-03-26$70.00
This is for 2 bottles of vintage The Bruery beers - Saule - their 2017 Anniversary ale - a solara-blended, English style Old ale aged in bourbon barrels at 16.1% ABV AND a bottle of 2017 Melange #9 - 83% Sour ale aged in oak barrels with 17% ale aged in bourbon barrels with ginger and coconut. 7.8% ABV. Both bottles have been climate controlled.
2018 St. Bernardus Abt 12Yes2020-03-16$95.00
Very Rare and special bottle of St. Bernardus Abt 12. At first glance it appears as a bottle you might buy from your favorite craft beer store...but if you look very carefully, you will see a slight difference that makes this bottle a rare collectible. One in 10,000 are like this.
1962 Westvleteren Extra VERY RAREYes2020-03-16$350.00
This is another one of my pride and joys. This is a beautiful bottle of Westvleteren Extra from 1962 that is in excellent condition. The bottle itself is a green glass embossed bottle labeled Abdij Westvleteren. The bottle itself is a very rare and valuable collectors item, not even considering the beer inside or the cap which is also in pristine condition. This beer was brewed and bottled at Sint Sixtus Abbey in the year that a new contract was signed with St. Bernardus for them to continue to brew the range of Westvletern beers for the public and cafe consumption. I doubt there is another bottle like this in existence.
1964 Chimay ???Yes2020-03-16$100.00
I purchased 2 bottles like this from someone in Belgium that said they were in a case of assorted beers from 1964. The bottle is as it shows...there are no markings anywhere else on the bottle and the cap has lost almost all of the paint except for a very small red portion. Have no idea what the bottle contains, but it is not a Grande Reserva as the beer is not opaque. Since the Premiers was the original bottling, I feel it must be the Premier...well before the Cinq Cents or the Reseva. My friend said this was in a crate in a cellar of a very old farmhouse and was basically cellar aged. I have not opened the other bottle, so no idea as to condition, but the level in the bottle indicates that it is air tight.
2013 Oud Beersel Bzart Millesime BrutYes2020-03-16$160.00
Another rare bottle of rare beer blended by Oud Beersel and bottled in the method champagne this is a sparkling lambic. Purchased at the brewery in 2013 and stored in a conditioned environment.
2011 HORAL Tour de Gueuze Mega BlendYes2020-03-16$160.00
Very Rare bottle of 2011 HORAL Tour de Gueuze Mega Blend...a very special once a year release of a blend of gueuzes from most of the gueuze blenders in Belgium. The bottle is released to coincide with the famous Tour de Gueuze bicycle race in Belgium.
Fantome Chocolat 2017Yes2020-02-28$55.00
Unopened bottle of Fantome Chocolat from 2017. I assisted Dany Prignon when he originally brewed this beer back in 2005 and I featured it in a seminar I gave at the American Homebrew Competition the following year. I had an entire case of that original bottling; but drank all but one bottle which I sold on MyBeerCellar last year. This is a newer vintage, but has the proper age for drining now or in a few years. I drank a bottle of this when it was a dozen years old and it was incredible.
3 Fonteinen Oude Gueuze 2014Yes2020-02-05$60.00
This is a 375ml bottle of fantastic 3 Fonteinen Oude Gueuze from 2014. Stored in conditioned climate since purchase.
Cycle Barrel Aged WeekdaysYes2020-01-27$170.00
Rare Cycle second annual barrel aged Days of the week collection. Monday through Friday. (1) Monday 22oz - Maple, Bourbon, Vanilla and Honey Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout A collab with Voodoo Brewing (1) Tuesday 22oz - Vanilla Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout with Vanilla Beans and Coffee (1) Wednesday 22oz - Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout with Raspberries (1) Thursday 22oz - Maple Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout with Blueberries (1) Friday 22oz - Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout with Coconut, Coffee and Cocoa Nibs
2012 Struise BAOS #1Yes2020-01-27$195.00
Black Albert on Sterioids #1...First of Struise's eisbock style creations. Original owner...cellar stored. 35cl. VERY RARE!