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North Coast Old Stock 2009 Cellar ReserveJust listed:
North Coast Old Stock 2009 Cellar Reserve $65.00
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2018 Fantome PrintempsYes2022-03-13$40.00
Original owner. Cellar stored. Pristine condition. One of the best Saisons ever made.
2016 Orval Belgium TrappistYes2022-02-08$35.00
Original purchaser...Aged with loving care...
Lost Abbey Red Poppy 2009 Original ReleaseYes2022-02-08$90.00
This is for TWO bottles of Lost Abbey Red Poppy ale. One is the original 2009 release in a 500ml bottle a b d the other is undated but most likely is from 2014-2018 since I haven't been back to California since then.
Very Rare Chimay Speciale 1956 Belgium TrappistYes2022-02-05$45.00
This is a very rare bottle only ever available at Poteautre, the Cafe associated with the Abbaye Notre Dame de Scourmont (Chimay). It is an exact replica brew of the original Chimay Grande Reserve (Blue) that was originally released in 1956 as a one time only holiday beer. It was so highly regarded that the Abbey decided to add to their regular line up. The front label is the distinctive red Chimay crest and the cap is printed A.D.S.Chimay Speciale 1956. This is a one time release that was sold one time only in 2020. Very Rare and Collectible!
Fantome Spiritus Seasonal SaisonsYes2022-01-30$75.00
This is two 750 bottles of some of Fantome's mist creative saisons. The Red Spiritus Autome Project is an amber saison with very interesting spices and the Dark Spiritus Winter Project is a dark saison with even more interesting spices. Both were limited releases and released when Fantome had no distribution in the states. I am original purchaser and bottles have been cellar stored.
2019 Fantome Cocoa AmbreeYes2022-01-30$45.00
Another great brew by Fantome. This was a collaboration with Fermentary Form. A great saison base with nuce hints of cocoa and spice.
2002 Dogfish Head World Wide Stout - Vim and VigorYes2022-01-20$250.00
This is my last bottle of Dogfish Head World Wide Stout with the words 'Vim and Vigor' marked over with a Sharpie. When first released the FDA issued a cease and desist against the label as they felt this was a medical claim, so rather than remove all the labels and re-apply new labels, the crew at Dogfish just covered the offending words with a Sharpie and shipped it back out. This beer is said to be 23% ABV but is not marked on the label. Bottle, label and cap arein new condition with a very minor smudge on the label. Extremely RARE and collectible!
1952 Westmalle Belgium Trappist DubbelYes2022-01-20$190.00
This is one of the oldest bottles in my collection. It is from 1952 and the bottle and fill level are great. Crown cap is easily legible but does have some bad rust on one side; obviously not enough to harm the seal. Bottle is old style with ABDIJ WESTMALLE in raised letters on the side.
1993 Orval Trappist Belgium Beer - VERY RARE!Yes2021-12-03$105.00
I am selling this very rare 1993 Orval bottle from my collection. I have trouble holding on to Orvals for some the fact that I have saved this bottle for so long makes it very rare. This was before Orval started printing bottling dates as well as 'best by' dates on their labels. This label says best consumed by 2/25/98 and Orval has a supposed five year shelf life. The bottle is in great shape and has been stored in a dark climate controlled environment.
1964 Whitbread English Ale - Rare@Yes2021-12-03$45.00
This bottle is in near perfect condition and has been stored in a climate controlled environment. The bottle states it was imported into the states by Sterling Distributors but am unable to find anything about them.