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BROOKLYN BLACK OPS 2009  $100.00
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Very RARE Bottle - Closed brewery - 1948?Yes2020-07-01$250.00
This bottle is a beautiful bottle featuring a woman on a horse brandishing a sword and shield on a horse with armor that has snakes on the shields. After long research it was discovered that this was from the brewery called Brasserie de l'Ancre and they were in business in Antwerp from 1899 through 1964 - when they closed. Some of the beers they produced included Blond, Export, Helles Type, Kemmelbier, Killer Bier, Matt's Ale, Matt's Bock, Matt's Dark, Matt's Light, Matt's Pater, Matt's Pils, Op Sinjoorken, Op-Man, Ridd's Ale, Ridd's Beer, Ridd's Stout, Ridder's Bier, Stout, Weinachten Bier, Wiener Bier en Wynachten Bier, Dortmunder Ritter Bier, Vin des Flanders, Wijn van Vlaanderen and Wynachten 50. I am nor sure what this bottle contains other than it is an amber color and still has a very good fill level so no notice of any cap leakage. I have owned for about 25 years and bought it on one of my first trips to Belgium. The bottom of the bottle has some numbers on it including 38 and 46...might be the bottle production date.
1990 LotelingYes2020-06-28$50.00
Full bottle of Loteling brewed by Villers Viellers. Best before 1993. Very cool label.
1964 Gouden Carolus D'Or RARE!!Yes2020-06-28$175.00
Very rare bottle of Gouden Carolus D'Or - painted label and gold foil. If you visit the brewery in Mechelen, they have this bottle showcased. It is very rare and only a few examples exist.
De Dolle Oerbier Reserva FlightYes2020-06-28$90.00
Every wonder what a decade difference would do for De Dolle Oerbier Reserva? Now you can find out - a bottle of 2002 and one of 2012 - both original purchases by myself and cellar aged since purchases.
2004 Rodenbach Vin de Cereal RAREYes2020-06-28$180.00
I found another bottle of Vin De Cereal stashed in a crate. Bottle and paper wrap in excellent condition. This beer was created when Rodenbach had a vat of beer that they felt had gone bad and rather than dump it they allowed the beer to be 'distilled' in a way. This is a 10% ABV gem of a beer. I have had dozens of bottles and all have been spectacular.
2011 Cigar City Either - Or DuoYes2020-06-28$110.00
This is for both bottles - Either and Or - a 3 way collaboration between Grassroots Brewery in Denmark and Hill Farmstead. The label calls these 'Black Ales'; but there have never been any 11.2% ABV 'Black Ales' this is more like and experimental stout/porter/old ale type beer. Cellar aged since purchase.
1986 Abdij Bornem RAREYes2020-06-28$225.00
VERY RARE full bottle of Abdij Bornem beer brewed by Brewery St. Bernard in Bornem. This beer used to be brewed at the Bornem Abbey by the monks, but after WW2 their numbers diminished and they didn't have the manpower to brew any longer. This coupled with the new Trappist regulations caused them to allow the beer to be brewed outside the abbey. The bottle is painted and there is a reference to this being a Cistercian product; which is what Trappist beers are, but since it wasn't brewed within the abbey's walls, they couldn't use the Trappist designation. The beer is now, and has been brewed by Van Steenberge since the 1990's.
1992 Europa Bottle - VERY RARE!Yes2020-06-28$175.00
This is a full bottle of beer that was a special brew by the beer club Gambrinus which was the former club that evolved into the B.A.B. Beer Club in Brugge Belgium. Back in the 80's and 90's, there were only a few beer festivals in Belgium, and when they were held, they were usually promoted by the area beer club. And as an added treat, they would brew and bottle a special beer for the event. This was the beer brewed for a festival held in April 1992. Bottle looks new. I had 3 bottles originally and consumed one a decade ago at the BAB Festival in Brugge and gifted another one to that club. They were blown away when I pulled the bag from my backpack and several older members remembered the beer.
2006 La Mere Noel 33clYes2020-06-28$90.00
Full bottle of La Mere Noel (Mother Christmas) brewed by Brewery Duwac (Mouscron). This beer was later picked up by Huyghe Brewery (Delirium Tremens) but this was one of the first bottlings...if not the first in a 33l format.
1984 Corsendonk Pater - Rare Bottle!!Yes2020-06-28$125.00
Abbey Corsendonk dates from 1398 and beers bearing the abbey's name started in 1906 being brewed by Keersmaekers Brewery but the name disappeared in 1953 when the brewery closed. In 1982 the name was revived and was brewed by several different breweries but finally ended up as a De Bocq brand. This bottle predates that arrangement and appears to have been brewed by Brouwerig Corsendonk in Oud Turnhout. Bottle in excellent condition. Cap is also in great condition.