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Beachwood Brewing SADIE (Batch 1)Just listed:
Beachwood Brewing SADIE (Batch 1) $100.00
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2002 Raison D'Extra - 750mL Yes2019-11-26$220.00
My last bottle of this very rare, inaugural batch which was bottle-conditioned back in 2002. I purchased this a few weeks after the beer was released, and it has since been resting gracefully in a wine cellar. I can say with certainty that there isn't a better-kept bottle out there.
Upright GoseYes2019-11-13$31.00
I discovered one more bottle of this rare gose in a recent cellar overhaul. This bottle purchased at the basement brewery in 2011 and it has been kept the bottle in a wine cellar ever since. Probably aren't too many of these floating around anymore. Truly a fantastic gose.
2007 Bourbon County StoutYes2019-10-14$95.00
An increasingly difficult to find bottle of this exceptional vintage. As are all my bottles, this has been wine-cellared since acquiring in 2007.
2004 La Folie Cork and Caged - Very RareYes2019-05-14$130.00
Single-owner bottle of this elusive, highly coveted vintage. Wine-cellared since acquiring myself in 2004. A follow-up email with payment instructions will be sent after purchase has been made. Thanks!
Deschutes 2009 The AbyssYes2019-02-04$27.00
One bottle of wine-cellared Abyss. Bottle is in excellent condition and has been with me since 2009. Payment instructions will be sent via email after purchase.
2002 AleSmith Speedway Stout (Squat Bottle, First Vintage) Yes2019-01-25$85.00
Available for purchase is a relic of sorts, the very first bottled batch of this colossal coffee-infused imperial stout. Many people are unaware that elite head brewer and AleSmith owner and founder Skip Virgilio was at the helm beginning in 1995 before selling the brewery in 2002. This has always been the single most glorious batch of Speedway ever brewed, as the bottle-conditioning was flawless and produced a luxuriously velvety, multilayered mouthfeel. This was also the only batch to be bottled in the thicker squat 750s. Payment instructions will be emailed to buyer after purchase.
Bigfoot Mini Vertical 2001-2003Yes2019-01-22$45.00
Bottles were all procured myself in their respective years of release and have been stored in a wine cellar ever since. These are in excellent condition. Payment instructions will be emailed to the buyer after purchase.
2007 Bourbon County StoutYes2019-01-22$125.00
A wine-cellared bottle since acquiring in 2007. Bottle is in excellent condition. Payment instructions will be emailed to buyer after purchase.
Assorted Vintage Bundle VictoryYes2019-01-02$20.00
This lot of East Coast vintage ales includes the following: '02 Storm King, '03 Old Horizontal and '04 Millennium. All have been kept in a wine cellar and are still in very good shape.
Vintage Lost Abbey Bundle (First Vintages)Yes2018-12-31$39.00
Two 750 bottles of the very first vintage of each of these classic ales. As quoted from Lost Abbey a decade ago,