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2006 Deschutes The Abyss (First Vintage)Just listed:
2006 Deschutes The Abyss (First Vintage) $150.00
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Cantillon Fou Foune Vertical '15, '16, '17, '18Yes2019-04-20$469.00
4 X CANTILLON Fou' Foune '15, '16, '17 & '18 Very pretty vertical collection You are bidding on 4 different bottles of Cantillon Fou' Foune 75CL Bottling dates: 24/08/2015 29/08/2016 24/08/2017 10/08/2018 Always stored in a dark and cooled cellar Secure shipping
NIGHTLIGHT SET - A&G Magnum + OGV HONEYYes2019-01-11$410.00
3 Fonteinen Very Limited New NIGHTLIGHT Release - Shipping included You are bidding on: 1 unopened 1500 ml bottle 3F Armand & Gaston - NIGHTLIGHTS LABEL 1 unopened 750 ml bottle oude geuze vintage + honey - NIGHTLIGHTS LABEL 2 times 3F pin Mail me if you have any question
1999 Drie Fonteinen Oude Gueuze (Silk Screen)Yes2019-01-08$875.00
Up for sale is a bottle of 1999 Drie Fonteinen Oude Gueuze with the Screen Printed Label. This is a 750ml corked & caged bottle, unopened, and extremely rare! Free and secure shipping! Payment through paypal or TW (preferred).
MAGNUM Cantillon 1,5L Gueuze, bottling date 2016. Stored in a dark wine cellar since purchase. Secure and free shipping.
Rare Westvleteren Westy 12 Brick Gift Pack - 6 bottles, 2 glassesYes2018-11-24$205.00
Westvleteren 12 Brick gift set - 6 bottles and 2 goblets. Free and secure shipping. Very rarely available! For more information or pictures, send me a message.
3 Fonteinen - 1 ZENNE LIMITED EDITION GLASSNo2018-10-27$70.00
3 Fonteinen Zenne y Frontera is a creation from Armand Debelder, together with sommelier Andy De Brouwer of Les Eleveurs. Their brewery designed a proper Zenne Glass, perfectly fitting with the Zenne beers of batch 1 and batch 2. Secure and free shipping. Payment through Paypal
Gueuze Lambic 750ml - 2013 Boon Cuvee Lambikstoemper Rare - FREE SHIPYes2018-09-05$179.00
You are bidding on one bottle of CUVEE LAMBIKSTOEMPER, a special one off blend created to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the De Lambikstoempers tasting group in Belgium. This beer has been stored in a cool place since purchase. FREE AND SECURE SHIPPING (takes around 6 days) Buying multiple bottles is possible, please send me an email to see what I have available
Zenne Y Frontera Solera B2 (2016)Yes2018-08-03$440.00
This listing contains one bottle of Zenne Y Frontera Solera (batch 2). Stored in a dark wine cellar since purchase. The bottle is in perfect shape and I am the first owner. Secure shipping (+/- 6 days). Payment through Paypal or TW.
Westvleteren XII Westy 12 - 4 X older bottle 2008Yes2018-07-03$170.00
Up for sale is a set of 4 very old bottles of Westy 12. These are bottled in 2008 and were bought by me in march that year. They have been stored in a cooled cellar ever since. As with all Westvleteren 12/Westvleteren XII bottles, it has a expiration date of 3 years after botteling. These bottles have in other words been bottled on date 26.02.2008.
3 Fonteinen - MAGNUM CUVEE ARMAND & GASTON FREE SHIPYes2018-06-08$180.00
3 Fonteinen Cuvée Armand & Gaston is a geuze blend consisting of lambics brewed only at 3 Fonteinen. It is labeled as 6% ABV. Stored in a dark wine cellar since purchase. Secure and free shipping. Payment through Paypal