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Cigar City Brewing Cali Brandy & Double Barrel Hunahpu’s Just listed:
Cigar City Brewing Cali Brandy & Double Barrel Hunahpu’s  $700.00
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Collectible empty bottles for sale Magnums 750 375 Hill Farmstead Cantillon Boke Bokeryder Side Project CCK ADWTD HoD KBBSNo2020-10-13$400.00
Empty bottle. Empty bottle. I have a bunch of rare craft beer bottles I've saved for years. The wife says they have to go! They are all opened and empty. Pick and choose, mix and match. Please email me with any questions or if you only want certain ones. Shipping will be calculated at the cheapest rate to you from my location, or just send me a label. - Current Bottles Left: Side Project Derivation Blend 6 750ml -Lost Abbey Cable Car Kriek 750ml -Cantillon Blabaer 2009 750ml -Westbrook BA Mexican Cake Reserva 650ml -Grassroots Brother Soigne MAGNUM 2015 -Hill Farmstead Florence MAGNUM no date (older) -Hill Farmstead Arthur MAGNUM 2015 -Hill Farmstead Civil Disobedience 10 MAGNUM 2014 -Hill Farmstead Samuel 750ml -Anchorage A Deal With The Devil B3 Signed and waxed 750ml -Toppling Goliath Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout 2016 KBBS 12oz - WITH WOODEN CASE -Toppling Goliath Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout B1 2013 KBBS 12oz -Schramms The Heart of Darkness B5 #362/380 375ml -Casita Cerveceria Sorpresa MAGNUM 2015 -Bokkeryder Barrique Baphomet 2017 750ml -Bokkeryder Noble Ghost 2016 750ml -Bokkeryder Zomersaison 2016 750ml
Bruery OG ALL BA Vertical 2010-2016 Cotton, Cuir, Fruet, Bois, Sucre, Cuivre, PoterieYes2020-10-13$300.00
All kept in a cool wine cellar, perfect condition OG BA Bruery Vertical - 2010 100% Bourbon Barrel-Aged Cotton (Gold Wax w/ Cotton Bag) - 2011 100% Bourbon Barrel-Aged Cuir (Gold Wax w/ Leather Tag) - 2012 100% Bourbon Barrel-Aged Fruet (Gold Wax) - 2013 100% Bourbon Barrel-Aged Bois (Gold Wax) - 2014 100% Bourbon Barrel-Aged Sucre (Gold Wax) - 2015 100% Bourbon Barrel-Aged Cuivre (Gold Wrap) - 2016 100% Bourbon Barrel-Aged Poterie (Gold Wrap)