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 2014 Goose Island Bourbon County Proprietor's StoutJust listed:
2014 Goose Island Bourbon County Proprietor's Stout $99.99
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2004 Urthel Samaranth Quad - First Year BottlingYes2022-11-13$275.00
This is the first year bottle of this incredible beer by Hildegard and Bas of Urthel Brewing. The brand has gone through many iterations, but I think the original beers were world class examples of what Belgium Beers were meant to be.
1987 La Gaffe by Brasserie VapeurYes2022-11-13$245.00
A strong dark Belgium Ale by Vapeur. This was one of the first beers brewed and bottled after the brewery reopened in 1984. Label must have had some tasty glue as the silverfish had a party with it, but contents are intact.
2013 De Struise Blue MonkYes2022-11-13$50.00
Rare and unique offering by De Struise. This is a Belgium strong ale aged on peated scotch whisky barrels and finished out at 10% ABV.
2018 Bottle Logic Red Rover Barrel Aged Imperial Red AmeYes2022-11-13$95.00
If you know Bottle Logic, you know all their special releases are pick up at Brewery only. This one is aged in bourbon barrels and finished with cassia and French oak chips. 11.3%ABV.
2019 Hof Den Dormaal Barrel Aged Sour Imperial Coffee StoutYes2022-11-13$85.00
This is a unique and incredible barrel aged imperial stout. Best before August 2029.
1968 George Gales Prized Old AleYes2022-11-13$85.00
This is a 50cl? Stubby of this fine brew. It has a best before date of 1988 and the history is that this is a 20 year maturation. Bottle and label in very good condition considering
2002 Port Brewing(Lost Abbey) SPF8 Farmhouse AleYes2022-11-13$395.00
This is one of Tomme Arthur's earliest Belgium brews while head brewer at Port Brewing in Solana Beach. I tasted tge beer with one of their awesome pizzas during a visit in 2003. I fell in love with the beer and bought 6 bottles. This us the last one. Tomme used traditional farmhouse recipe but added raisins to increase the ABV. 750ml.
2012 Black Albert on Steroids by De Struise 40% ABVYes2022-11-13$575.00
This is another excellent creation bt De Struise where they took Black Albert and aged it on Laphroig whiskey barrels for 2 years and then ice backed it to remove the water and then aged it again for another year before bottling. Thus us a one of a kind brew and extremely rare!!
2004 De Struise Pannepot First Year BottlingYes2022-11-13$345.00
OK...this is the first commercially bottled beer from De Struise and is very rare. This is for the true Struise collector. This was before they started at Deca Brewing, and was brewed at Caulier Brewing. Doubtful there are any other of these bottles. Struise doesn't have any.
2002 Yo-Ho Brewing Japan Barleywine Ale - Workd ClassYes2022-11-13$85.00
I bought a case of this ale back in 2003 after trying one bottle and deciding it was one of the best Barleywines I had ever had...even surpassing Thomas Hardys. I have a bottle every 2-3 years and am astonished that it just keeps getting better each time.